Overview & Strategy

True North’s strategy is to become one of the World’s leading coloured gemstone production and exploration companies. Our sustainable operations will produce ethically sourced, conflict-free and fully certified coloured gemstones for the World’s most prestigious jewellers.

True North has developed a strategic growth plan aimed at utilizing the significant technical expertise within the Company to create value and ensure a steady supply of rough gemstones reaches the market. This plan has five independent aims:

1. Achieve full production at Aappaluttoq

The Aappaluttoq Mine will be the cornerstone of future True North Operations; providing both cash-flow and stability. Aappaluttoq contains an indicated resource of 296 million carats of corundum within the current pit and a initial mine life of 9 years.

2. Expansion of Near Mine Resources

The deposit hosts a further 109 million carats as an inferred resource, something that is unable to be added to the current mine plan without additional exploration work. Additional ruby bearing rock is known to occur down-dip, below the current mine-pit design, and possibly along strike. Near-pit exploration will be initiated once construction of the mine has been started; and any additional resources will be built into the updated mine-plan.

3. Greenland Regional Exploration

Over the last 10 years the Company have completed extensive regional exploration within the Fiskenaesset District of SW Greenland. In addition to Aappaluttoq the Company have identified a further 68 localities where corundum mineralization exists at surface. Very few of these sites have received advanced geological exploration to date, and none have been drilled. These sites all currently lie within the bounds of the Company’s 100% owned exploration licences and represent significant exploration upside.

4. Worldwide Exploration

The Company continues to evaluate the gemstone projects within its current worldwide exploration portfolio. The majority of these lie within Canada and have the potential to discover new gemstone districts similar to those owned by the Company on SW Greenland.

5. Acquisition

There are currently numerous small gem producing mines around the world. The majority of these mines are run by small private companies that would benefit from the Company’s exploration and development expertise. Acquiring these producing mines would bring new assets into the Company’s portfolio, create value for shareholders, and expand the Company’s exposure to the Market.

Why invest in TNG?

The gemstone sector stands on the cusp of major growth. More and more we see the use of colour to create excitement in jewelry collections, designers are introducing new styles with fresh looks, retailers want to carry pieces with beautiful hues and exotic tones. The emergence of branded lines like Pandora coupled with stalwart’s like Tiffany and the new generation of buyers looking to discover something for themselves, points to a bright future.

But to grow and prosper in the industry you must have a consistent and reliable source, as this is key to providing market confidence. This is something we know and something we have.

We, True North Gems Inc, are fully transparent and responsible. We have a mandate to bring resources to the World in a manner that benefits all Communities and Stakeholders, simply because it is the only way we would ever consider operating.

Our vision to deliver Ruby and Pink sapphire to the World Gemstone Industry will be realized Q3 2015. All components required form the mining through to marketing are in place. Gemstones from our mine in Southwest Greenland are already in demand. As desire for our product grows, True North Gems has a unique opportunity to deliver value for our shareholders while also positively impacting the local communities alongside whom we invest and operate. With the support of our joint venture partners LNS Greenland, investors in the project Greenland Ventures and shareholders, True North Gems stands poised to take the transitional leap from junior exploration company to being one of the Premier gemstones producers in the World.

As Construction of the Aappaluttoq Ruby and Pink Sapphire mine reaches completion and initial production commences, the highly experienced management team assembled will utilize its many years in the industry to bring an exciting and new source to the industry. The recently completed Pre Feasibility Study outlines a minimum of nine year mine life with a value of US $573 million, plus through added exploration work the Company has recognised expansion production expansion possibilities

Being able to deliver a product with documentation tracking its lineage, having self-assurance in the knowledge of production for years to come, having the ability to support future partners with a dependable stream of stones and therefore give them the tools for sustainable expansion, are elements we also have.

Once you can supply your trading partners with all these components, you build trust. Your partners can now increase capacity and market share with the backing and support of a mining company that has confidence in its self and its abilities.

We look forward to bringing a new source of beautiful Rubies and Pink Sapphires to the market place, and observe the resurgence of colour into the jewelry industry.

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